Don't miss the experience of a lifetime at the 2020 International Student Convention (ISC) in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

While participation in regular events at ISC2020 requires receiving a medal at NSC in Vigan, students can go to ISC to compete in open events or attend as guests. This means if you wish to attend ISC in May, you do not need to wait until the completion of Vigan NSC to avail of the pre-registration discount set by ACE.

Pay the $30 per person Registration Fee by December 2, 2019, and receive a discount of $50 per participant (sponsors and students) off the $149 Participant Fee.

To register, go to aceminstries.com and click “More A.C.E. sites” then to “Student Programs” and “ISC.” Follow the directions.

ISC Fees

Registration Fee
$30 nonrefundable per sponsor, contestant, and guest
(Guests 6 years old and up should register)

Participation Fee
$149 for students and sponsors
($99 for those pre-registered by December 2)

$179 Total ($129 for those pre-registered by December 2)

School Fees are waived for the ISC2020 only.

All payments are required prior to arrival
(No on-site registration and payment).
Only those registered are permitted in the convention facility, starting Sunday, May 24.

Payments are online only by credit card.


• ISC will NOT provide food and lodging. All attendees are responsible for obtaining their own accommodations and transportation to and from convention venues.

• SOTP will NOT organize a group travel to Chiang Mai. Each school or home school family will have to make all flight arrangements. Those who need assistance in booking flights may contact School Services for referral to a travel agency.

•A Philippine Team “Jacket and T-Shirts package” will be made available to Philippine delegates to serve as the national uniform at ISC. Availability for orders will be announced later.

These clarifications apply only for ISC in Thailand.
Please see the following pages for specific instructions regarding online registration.

ISC 2020 Registration Procedures:

1. Enter the registration program
(https://www.acestudentprograms.com/register/logon.php) and click on “New User.”

2. If the school does not have a US Customer Number, they must enter any 8 random numbers and hit enter.

3. A message will appear asking if they are an A.C.E. United States customer, to which they would select “No.”

4. They will then be assigned a Customer No. that will ONLY function within the registration program (does not communicate with our ordering system). They should write down this number and keep it handy for future reference.

5. They must then fill out all the required information of the school before moving forward. This is highly recommended, as the program will pull this information when filling out any of the forms (anything from the CF Registration forms to the Judges’ Forms).

6. They can then have full access to the registration program, where they should first create their database of students, guests, and sponsors (include all of their information for the same reason above), and then register for ISC and add students, guests, and sponsors that will be attending.